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<script>var Madeline = prompt("What’s your name? ","")</script>

<script>var Maddy = prompt("What’s your nickname? ","")</script>

<script>var Danny = prompt("Who's your favourite? ","")</script>

<script>var Tom = prompt("Your second favourite? ","")</script>

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<script>var MADELEINE = prompt("Your name in CAPS? ","")</script>

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<br><script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script> walked into the kitchen and found<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> waiting for him. He greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> smiled because secretly the kiss sent shivers down her spine. <script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script> didn’t know, but<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> had fancied him since they became friends, which was about six months ago. They had a really close relationship though. <script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script> told<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script>    everything. The tiniest thing he had in mind that he felt he had to talk to someone about, he told her. And<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> appreciated it. The only thing<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> didn’t tell him was that she had feelings for him. It was hard to fake, but she couldn’t tell him. She knew he would never see her that way anyway. Because <script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script>, and the rest of the guys for that sake, only saw her as ‘one of the guys’. It was a good thing, and a bad.<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> had asked them once if she was ugly or not good looking or anything, but back then they had laughed at her and said she was stupid to think anything like that. “You’re extremely fit, <script>document.write(" " + Maddy)</script>!” <script>document.write(" " + Dougie)</script> had said shyly and the others agreed. “The reason no one of us allows ourselves to fall for you is that we know that you’re way out of our league.” That was the end of that discussion, and they never wanted to hear her mention it again.<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> shook the thoughts out of her head. When she looked at him in nothing but his boxers it was hard to focus on the conversation they had. Not that he was that sexy, but still, no one could love him like her,<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> thought. <script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script> turned to her with a glass of juice in his hands. “How long have you been here then?” he asked her, sitting down opposite her. “Not that long ago, <script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script>. <script>document.write(" " + Tom)</script> let me in. He’s gone to James’ now”<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> replied, staring at her feet under the table. <script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script> looked suspiciously at her. “What?” she asked. “Why didn’t you join me in bed then?” he asked.<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> was gob smacked. “Join you in bed?” she repeated shocked. <script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script> laughed. “Don’t think dirty now, <script>document.write(" " + Maddy)</script>” he said. “I meant, why didn’t you come and wake me up, chatting a bit in bed before we get up.”<script>document.write(" " + Madeleine)</script> felt stupid. Her stupid brain had taken it all wrong, and she felt as such a dumb ass. “Oh” she stupidly replied. <script>document.write(" " + Danny)</script> finished his breakfast and rubbed her back lightly. “Come with me. I need your opinion on something.”<br>

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